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Husband disturbs wife's sleep by snoring

Are you experiencing sleepless nights with increased snoring and shortness of breath? With modern day enhancements and treatment programs you can rid yourself of snoring and sleep apnea with simple techniques and non-invasive appliances.

Control your breathing and rest easy this evening.

Our new treatment options take away the CPAP machines that are bulky and difficult to travel with. Our treatment solutions holds the lower jaw in a forward position so it does not fall open during the night, causing the airway to be blocked.

State of the art care

- Comfortable, custom fit

- Durable construction

- Easy to use

- Adjustable while in the mouth

- Patient can adjust at home

- Smaller and less bulky

- No masks or straps involved

Oral appliances provide:

With a 95% success rate for reducing snoring and sleep apnea, our appliance will give you a peaceful night rest. Call today and get more information on our oral apparatus.

Amazing results

Treatment options for sleepless nights - Hamilton Square, NJ

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