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Regular dental check-ups and gum checks will help you maintain a healthy, disease free smile. Don't lose teeth to periodontal disease. Our experienced team can help you stop periodontal disease before it spreads throughout your mouth.

Let our team help you achieve oral wellness.

State of the art treatments can vary, depending on how severe and advanced your periodontal disease is. Non-surgical and surgical treatments include scaling, laser surgery and the introduction of dental implants.

Proper treatment

- Gums that bleed easily

- Red, swollen, tender gums

- Gums that have pulled away from the teeth

- Persistent bad breath or bad taste

- Permanent teeth that are loose or separating

Symptoms of disease:

Periodontal disease forms below the gum line and hides where you least expect it. Small pockets form that collect toxins and eventually spread to other areas of your mouth.

Where does the disease start?

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