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If your teeth are damaged beyond repair, our team can help you enhance your smile with a permanent solution that goes beyond dentures and bridges. Dental implants offer you a replacement option that looks as good as your natural teeth.

Take a pro-active approach to your dental care with quality implants.

Dental implants do not rely upon neighboring teeth for support. Implants are place in the mouth by dental screws that affix to the jawbone. They are completely self-sufficient and extremely durable.

Solid foundations

- Implants save your smile

- Esthetically pleasing

- Stability

- Longevity

- Healthier gums and bone

Benefits of implants:

Dental implants function and feel just the same as your natural teeth. In fact, you take care of them the same way you would your natural teeth by flossing and brushing at least twice per day.

Fully functional replacement teeth

A permanent solution - Hamilton Square, NJ